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Quality lesson, good prices and teacher visits free 日本語出張レッスン 東京


Good Japanese lesson for your own progress

Quality lessons by experienced teachers, flexible system and affordable price

Customized Curriculum

We design an individualized curriculum to fit your goals and approach to learning Japanese.

Lesson example:
-Daily conversation
-General learning : grammar, vocabulary, kanji
-Preparation for the JLPT
-Business Japanese : Keigo, business expression, reading the related document, sales talking, preparation for your presentation
-Brushing up your expression skill : grammar, vocabulary, reading, conversation practice, discussion on current news
-Culture and art : learning culture and art

Teacher Visit No Travel Cost

Teachers visit you without travel cost in below area:

Akasaka, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Marunouchi and more

*Please inquire our latest visiting area and available time.

Affordable Price

From 3,700 yen / 60 min

From 5,200 yen / 90 min

From 4,800 yen for two people lesson

Monthly, late-payment
No registration fees, no upfront fees

No teacher's treavel cost*

*For areas written in the above. Please inquire details.

In-Depth Consultation and Free Trial

A teacher visit you and conduct in-depth consulting and free trial lesson.

Enrollment process:
1. Please contact us by email.
2. A teacher visits you and conduct an in-depth consulting.
3. Free trial lesson wich resembles your prospective curriculum is held.
4. Official start of lessons.

Email    info@tida-jpl.com

Please click and your mail browser will oped with required items to apply or inquire.

Interactive Lesson by Devoted Teachers

Tida take lesson as interactive ground and we go along with you. We consider your style and offer lesson with the most suitable curriculum and method for you.

While we have wealth of experience and technical knowledge with conducting Japanese lesson, we are continuously searching further better way for learners. We face you sincerely and offer fresh, flexible lessons at all times.

Tida teachers have studied not only teaching Japanese methodology, but also many subjects such as sociology, economics and culture. We have experienced in working at general Japanese companies as well. We deliver you enjoyable, practical lessons with considering your background.

Practical and Intelligible Textbook

Tida's textbook for beginner pursuits the efficiency in learning process and also practical content. While learning all grammar for beignner level intelligibly, you can acquire more free expressions and be promoted to have natural, smooth communication with people whom you meet in daily life.

As for intermediate and advanced learners, we use general textbooks or our original materials according to your own needs.

Various Lerners

We established partnerships with various people from different countries, ages and jobs as below.

-Foreign and Japanese companies (real estate, advertising, automobile, trading, finance, pharmaceutical, IT, consulting, hotel and more)

-Experts (layer, business owner, architect, jounalist, language teacher, university professor, researcher, designer and more)

-Ambassadors, diplomats, embassy staffs

-Their spouses and children

About Tida

Tida JPL was founded in April 2011, with the goal of offering more people great private lessons.
Tida's service is blend of all of quality lessons, flexible system, and affordable pricing.
"Tida (てぃだ)" means "the sun" in the dialect of Okinawa where is the hometown of Yoko Yamazato who founded the Tida JPL.