Tida  Japanese Private Lesson in Tokyo Quality lesson at reasonable fees in your place. Teacher visits free. 日本語出張レッスン 企業派遣

I have been enjoying Japanese lessons with Tida for a couple of years and not planning to stop. In this time I acquired what's called a proficiency level, and quite a few of my acquaintances started their classes with the school by my referral. Besides the convenience of not having to commute anywhere, I see the main benefits of taking Japanese lessons with Tida in the personalized approach where the teacher is able to deliver information in the way I memorize best and clarify whatever nuances I pick on. The overall course can also be varied in accordance with where I may seem to be falling behind: reading, vocabulary, grammar, etcetera. I have not tried many language schools, but Tida is the one further I will go not.
(K.S., Finance Technology Specialist)

I really appreciate your great efforts in lessons and self-study, your highly active communication with Japanese people. You started from early beginner level, succeeded JLPT exams and now have grown as even reading Japanese literature! (Teacher)

I have been taking lessons with Tida JPL for around 3 years now and I have no doubt that there lessons have improved my Japanese exponentially. I am particularly grateful to my teacher at Tida JPL for her careful consideration of my goals and the way she changes the lesson structure to cater to my needs. It is thanks to my teacher at Tida JPL that I was able to pass both the N2 and N1 levels of the Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) on my first attempt. Tida JPL's lessons have also made me more confident and proficient user of business Japanese and this has really helped me at work. I particularly recommend Tida JPL to anyone who has a basic or intermediate grasp of Japanese but wants to progress to an advanced level or wants to improve particular areas (listening, reading, conversation, etc.) I cannot recommend Tida JPL higher enough and I'm very thankful I found them.
(N.M., Lawyer)

It is a great honor as I am given the opportunity to help your further progress at advanced level Japanese. I have been enjoying a lot discussing with you about business, society, entertainment and life experiences. I also appreciate your enthusiastically using Japanese at works that is from your respect to people there. Your great effort have led you to passing the JLPT exams too, which has been impressive success and I am very glad to have worked together with you for it. (Teacher)

Look no further. Our teacher is proficient, innovative in her approach and never tough on her students. Her lessons are both educative and fun. She teaches modern Japanese, but makes sure you never say the wrong thing to your boss or client.
(I. & S., Diplomat and family)

However it was only several moths that we had lessons, I was happy to see your acquiring firmly the basic and the essence of Japanese language. I hope it helped you with daily life and social occasions in Japan. (Teacher)

I've been using Tida almost 2 years now and feel very confident in my Japanese ability, both conversational and to a light business level.
My schedule is often quite busy, but Tida's flexibility with my schedule and easy learning makes it very easy pick up the learning where we left off.
To help my business, I've studied important greetings, meetings and company structure vocabulary, all of which has helped me a lot with my Japanese clients.
Overall, great lesson plans, relaxed fun learning has made me a happy customer.
(J.L., Recruitment professional)

I appreciate very much your constantly holding lessons over years. I am happy to see your steady progress, especially in conversational skill, and speaking a lot with your Japanese friends. (Teacher)

As beginners we find the lessons provided by Tida a very good and systematic familiarization with Japanese. Tida offers a flexible framework for language courses which, depending on your needs and expectations, are almost tailor-made and fine-tuned to your individual skills. Prices are very reasonable and Tida's flexibility with our schedule is very helpful. Lessons are enjoyable and progress comes almost in a playful manner.
(A. & P., Diplomat and family)

The interactive lessons with you are absolutely wonderful. I appreciate very much your interests in not only Japanese language but also society, culture and art. I have learned many new things about Japan through your views! (Teacher)

I have been using Tida for just over a year and made good progress with my Japanese conversational ability. The teacher has a flexible approach to scheduling our lessons and comes to my office which is a benefit. The lessons are well structured and an enjoyable experience.
(J.C., Director, Real Estate)

I appreciate your acquiring basic Japanese in lessons and self-study, and using it positively in daily life. (Teacher)

Having had lessons for just over one year I am very pleased with the lesson package offered by TIDA. In a nutshell:
(1) Experienced and effective teachers
(2) Extremely competitive pricing
(3) Convenient and flexible lesson scheduling (lessons at work or home)
(4) Tailored lessons according to specific needs
I would recommend TIDA over any of the larger and more expensive language schools.
(S.W., Automotive Manager)

I appreciate your progress at conversation skill. You are keen to communicate in various situation in daily life and business, which leads you to the success. (Teacher)
The flexibility and ability to have private lessons for the 2 of us at home made TIDA the perfect choice for us. Both teachers we had took great efforts to understand both our styles of learning, and adapt the pace of the lessons to ensure we could progress comfortably together. The extra learning materials supplied in some lessons really helped us put in to practice what we had been studying from the book, meaning we now feel confident in using our newfound Japanese language skills at work and around Japan. We have and will continue to recommend TIDA to anyone requiring Japanese lessons in Tokyo!
(E. and J., Broadcasting Managers)

We were very happy to have been given the chance to help you with studying Japanese as well as have fun lessons with you. We truly appreciate your great effort in classes and practices that you had never missed, and also your learning from your colleagues and streets that surprised us. These achievements and positively communicating with people made your Japanese progress quickly and firmly. We are glad as you keep using what you have acquired in work and daily life, and even improving yourself more. (Teachers)
I have been enjoying classes with Tida and I can say it is really adaptive to one's level and situation, moreover the pricing is really competitive knowing that teachers can come to your home or work place.
I had a chance to have a great teacher who really adapted to my level: we decided on general goals and a lesson plan but in the same time he was always available to answer my side questions or deepen certain points I wanted to concentrate on.
Tanks to Tida I have experienced real progresses in a relatively short time. I can only recommended them to anybody who wants to learn Japanese.
(M.R., Recruiter)

You have been making efforts for the definite goal since starting learning Japanese, which brought you the success of the JLPT N2 as a check point. I appreciate your further progress. (Teacher)

The teacher from Tida has not only been an invaluable guide to the language, has also been a true delight in every lesson, helping me out with absolutely everything I’ve had questions about, making my life in Japan much simpler, and always bringing smiles and laughter and making my days happier and more cheerful.
(T.S., Software Engineer)

I appreciate your efforts in lessons and self-study. I am happy that my lessons helped you with daily life in Japan. I also enjoyed a conversation with you about not only Japanese grammer but also various things of the daily life. (Teacher)

Learning Japanese with the teacher from Tida is really a good and fruitful experience. The prices are very reasonable and the fact that the teacher comes to my work place is very helpful and allow me to save a lot of time. Each lesson is very well prepared. I appreciate particularly the effort that is made to prepare personalized exercises about tricky grammar patterns. In a word, it is really enjoyable to study Japanese with high experienced teacher from Tida.
(A.E., Researcher of University)

You are making great efforts to develop your talking skill, grammar, reading and kanji in well-balanced, which also led you the success in the JLPT N2. I also appreciate that you are enjoying Japanese literature, manga, and recommending me interesting ones! (Teacher)

My lessons are extremely useful for my work. By practicing to read a new article each lesson from a business newspaper/industry-specific newsletter, I am able to understand industry news real-time, and leverage that information to contact cited companies and develop new business.
My teacher understands my work and picks up relevant articles to read―which is a big help.
(A.D., Real Estate related professional)

I am happy to help you with business. Through the specialized lessons, I also have acquired interesting knowledge about the field. I appreciate your great effort to work in Japanese language, view, trend and manner. (Teacher)

We have made good progress in the few months we have been studying with Tida and we are happy with our choice and we will continue with the program, which we find flexible and effective.
(A. & C., Recruitment professional)

I appreciate your efforts to improve conversational skills for daily life and business, as well as to understand Japanese culture and society. It is fun to have discussions with you about many latest topics! (Teacher)

I'm really enjoying learning Japanese with Tida for many reasons. At first, the teacher teaches Japanese with a real passion. He always brings me various documents, exercises, books or DVD. I can feel my Japanese getting better without effort. I also like that we can have a discussion about what I want to learn. Sometime we learn a specific point of grammar, but sometime we just talk about the life, travel, politics, etc. The teacher always speaks in Japanese, this is the best way to learn. But when he sees I'm totally lost, he just helps me with few English words.
And the lesson system is very convenient, because the teacher comes to my place. I don't have to move to a noisy cafe or a school faraway. I'm little tired after my work so I really appreciate that. This is why I really recommend Tida to anybody who wants to learn Japanese!
(J.B., Illustrator)

It is great you enjoyed your progress in Japanese. I am glad to have helped it. I appreciate your continuous learning with many things you are interested in. (Teacher)
I have been enjoying Japanese lessons with Tida JPL for three years.
The fact that the teacher comes to my workplace is a big plus. Besides the convenience of not having to commute, there is a great flexibility with scheduling/rescheduling which I am very grateful for. However, what I appreciate the most is that the teacher has a very personalized approach, tailoring the agenda to the learner's specific needs and expectations and skills - be it conversation, reading or writing, learning tricky grammar, or understanding the language's structure and logic. Furthermore there is always time for a bit of cultural exchange which makes it especially enjoyable and informative - as well as helpful for my daily life in Japan.
Overall, I consider myself as a happy customer who warmly recommends Tida to everybody who is looking for of a personalized Japanese learning experience.
(H. P., Diplomat)

I appreciate your great effort in lessons and self-study. You have been acquiring grammar and vocabulary steadily. I also enjoy very much linguistic, cultural and sociological discussions with you. (Teacher)