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Teachers who love their profession

山里 陽子
Yoko Yamazato


My aim is to deliver lessons perfectly tailored to each student's needs and style. There are always new adventures and discoveries. It is an ongoing learning process for me as well as you.
I hope we can enjoy a great journey in learning together.

Born in Okinawa. Graduated from Waseda University School of Social Sciences. Worked as sales staff for several companies. While trying to become a novelist, enjoyed offering Japanese lessons to foreign students in universities as volunteer activity. Eventually decided to focus on cultivating the teaching work. Started Tida JPL in 2011.

大西 千佳
Yukika Onishi


In addition to general studies, I strive to teach people about Japanese customs and manners. I believe that these are important elements for communicating in Japanese society. My wish is for both teacher and student to enjoy mutual cultural exchange through the study of the Japanese language.

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Ferris University the Faculty of Global and Inter-cultural Studies. While studied in Washington College in U.S., had a great experience as Teaching Assistant for Japanese class. Worked for an electronic product company the department of overseas salse. By encountering many foreign people who wanted to learn Japanese culture and language, decided to become a professional teacher. Joined Tida JPL in 2012.

野田 拓志
Takashi Noda


The purpose or background of learning Japanese are different from person to person. If you are in need of effective and interesting lessons for your own, I could offer that.
Let's enjoy learning Japanese together, it must be great experience for both of us.

Born in Ibaraki. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University Department of History, earned a master's degree in history from Tokyo Metropolitan University. Teaching Japanese for twenty years. Joined Tida JPL in 2012.

石川 由希子
Yukiko Ishikawa


From young children to curious retired learners, I offer easily comprehensible, practical, and enjoyable lesson. If you enjoy your lesson, you can make progress in learning Japanese.
It would be great if I could help your Japanese language skill to get one step further by enriching learning.

Born in Tokyo and raised up in Kamakura-city. Graduated from Sophia University, Faculty of Liberal Arts. After worked for a major railways company and an international school as an administrative assistant, started career as professional Japanese teacher. Have been instructing children and adults, including at schools in overseas and volunteer activities. Joined Tida JPL in 2020.