Tida  Japanese Private Lesson in Tokyo Quality lesson at reasonable fees in your place. Teacher visits free. 日本語出張レッスン 企業派遣

Customized Curriculum

We design an individualized curriculum to fit your goals and approach to learning Japanese.

Here are some of the options we offer.
You can focus on one of these or mix or switch based on your progress.

Japanese for Daily life

Learn daily language useful for restaurants, shops, and social greetings.

This option is perfect for helping you ease into life in Japan.

General Japanese
Learn grammar and vocabulary, practice speaking. We instruct you in a way that fits your goals, style, and needs.
This is the most popular option for learners at all level, from beginner to advanced, to improve their Japanese skills.

Tida's textbook for beginners is designed to provide an efficient learning process with practical content.
Teaching all the beginner-level grammar in an easy-to-understand manner, you will acquire expressions that you can use more freely, becoming able to communicate naturally and smoothly with people you meet in your daily life.
It includes the below features in a well-balanced structure.

For intermediate and advanced learners, we use general textbooks or our own original materials adapted to your own needs.

Preparation for the JLPT
Tida can show you how to succeed on the JLPT and help develop a personalized strategy.

We assess your strengths and weaknesses on the exam, accommodate your schedule, design an original curriculum adapted to your needs, and teach you the different aspects of the exam so that you can efficiently and capably pass it.
Japanese Culture and Society
Learn about Japanese culture, art, society, business, politics, and a plethora of other topics by reading articles and literature, watching movies and news, and engaging in discussion.

This option is great for enriching your knowledge of Japan while learning the language.
Business Japanese to Success

Tida helps you succeed in your business by teaching you the keigo and general business expressions you need.
We also can help you prepare for presentations and speeches, speak with your clients, and read articles and documents related to your business.

You get latest, specific information by access to domestic source while growing your skill in reading, comprehension, kanji, vocabulary and talking.