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Ideal Japanese Lessons Learning Your Own Way
Quality lessons by devoted teachers, flexible system and affordable price

Customized Curriculum

We design an individualized curriculum to fit your goals and approach to learning Japanese. Here are some of the options we offer. You can focus on one of these or mix or switch based on your progress.

Lesson example:
-Daily conversation
-General learning : grammar, vocabulary, kanji
-Preparation for the JLPT
-Business Japanese : Keigo, business expression, reading the related document, sales talking, preparation for your presentation
-Brushing up your expression skill : grammar, vocabulary, reading, conversation practice, discussion on current news
-Culture and art : learning culture and art

Practical, Easy-to-understand Textbook

Tida's textbook for beginners is designed to provide an efficient learning process with practical content. Teaching all the beginner-level grammar in an easy-to-understand manner, you will acquire expressions that you can use more freely, becoming able to communicate naturally and smoothly with people you meet in your daily life.

For intermediate and advanced learners, we use general textbooks or our own original materials adapted to your own needs.

Students from a Variety of Backgrounds

We have established partnerships with students of all professions, nationalities and ages.

-Foreign and Japanese companies (real estate, advertising, automobile, trading, finance, pharmaceutical, IT, consulting, hotel and more)
-Experts (lawyers, business owners, architects, journalists, language teachers, university professors, researchers, designers and more)
-Ambassadors, diplomats, embassy staff
-Spouses and children

In-Depth Consultation and Free Trial

A teacher will visit you and conduct an in-depth consultation, and offer trial lesson that resembles your prospective curriculum.

Interactive Lesson by Devoted Teachers

At Tida, we view each lesson as a mutually shared experience. We consider your needs and style, and offer lessons with the best curriculum and approach for you.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in conducting Japanese lessons. At the same time, we look to build upon this base and find better ways to teach our students. We work with you sincerely and always offer fresh, flexible lessons.

Affordable Price

From 3,500 yen / 60 min

From 5,000 yen / 90 min

From 4,600 yen for two or more people group lesson

Free teacher visit*
Pay later
No registration fees

*To locations near Akasaka, Roppongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza, Otemachi. Please contact us for latest available time and location.